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    Stressed Assets Management
  • Stressed Assets Management
    Custodial services for seized assets

About GIS

We are involved in providing High Class Professional cost effective services for Resolution of Stressed Asset Management to Banks and Financial Institutions which enable them to contain their NPA Portfolio. Our Mission is to give High Class and Cost effective Professional services for Resolution of Stressed Assets to Financial sector particularly Banking, on Pan India Basis.

Our Vision is to become Country's Preferred Stressed Asset Resolution Agency of Banks, Financial Institutions and their subsidaries providing all ancillary services under one roof.

Type of Services Offered

  • Enforcement Agency
  • Recovery Agency for Stressed Assets
  • Custodial services for seized assets
  • Security Services
  • Advertising Services
  • Advisory services
  • Other Ancillary Services


Better and speedier realization from Non Performing Assets

Provides a meeting ground to the lenders, borrowers and the prospective investors to speedily address the issue of Non Performing Assets.

Transparency and visibility of information on NPA

The portal will carry vital information about NPAs providing easy and transparent access to the prospective buyers who can then evince their interest in such Non Performing Assets.

Better efficiencies in the management of NPAs

While traditionally we used to avail the services of news media to create awareness about the Non Performing Asset, GISforNPA brings into play the unlimited power of technology for the lender to undergo due-dilligence.

Robust data collection for use by all lenders across the country

Even lenders will find it very easy to upload data on the website and take huge advantage of the portal to release the value of their non performing assets easily and effectively.

Attracting prospective investors / buyers from across the globe

Geographical boundaries will not restrict the resolving of NPAs. Individuals from across the world will be able to access the portal and avail the benefits.

List of the NPA and their assets at a single location enabling lenders to take informed decision

With maximum information available related to NPA, the prospective investor can take informed decision towards the NPA.

Help from facilitators

Investors, borrowers and lenders can take the service of facilitators such as Legal Advisors, Financial Advisors, Tax Advisors, Project Consultants & Valuation Experts thru the portal.

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