GIS with its appropriate credentials proposes to offer a wide array of services to help Banks and Financial Institutions in channelizing recources and realize value out of Non – Performing Assets (NPA’s) locked with them. GIS aims to become the most influential advisor in this business segment with right/correct and prompt information and complete knowledge in its application.

Our Objective is to be a dominant player in the field of NPA Management Services by providing One Window Service Concept which includes Legal Assistance, Valuation, Enforcement, Execution, Security, Investigation and Restructuring, Reorganization, Re-engineering of NPA’s.

About us

Started in the Year 2001, we have been one of the foremost Enforcement Service Provider in the Banking Industry.The Company values professionalism and maintains its integrity of the highest order and pursues its goals of creating…


  1. Sarfaesi and Enforcement services.
  2. Custodial & Security services.
  3. DRT related services.
  4. IBC related services & Consultancy.
  5. Resolution & OTS consulatncy services.

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Registered Office : Chandra Niwas, 1st Floor, Office No. 9, 12/14, Bora Bazar Street, Fort, Mumbai – 400001.        Contact No – 22634505/06


What is Non-Performing Asset (NPA)?

Nonperforming assets are typically listed on the balance sheets of banks. Banks usually categorize loans as nonperforming after 90 days of nonpayment of interest or principal, which can occur during the term of the loan or at maturity.