About us

Started in the Year 2001, we have been one of the foremost Enforcement Service Provider in the Banking Industry.The Company values professionalism and maintains its integrity of the highest order and pursues its goals of creating and sustaining long term relationship with its clients while ensuring to pursue its activities within the laid down procedures and available legal framework, without ever compromising on ethics while maintaining complete confidentiality.

We believe in shoring up the Bank’s bottom-line and providing value addition by unlocking the realizable potential of non-performing assets through our due diligence, core competence, technical skills by resolution. GIS has been promoted by a group of professionals from diverse fields with outstanding Caliber, and intends to be the most effective NPA / bad debt management Company in India through various structures/remedies/procedures currently available within the legal framework.

Gis has been delivering consistent result to many large Public Sector Banks and Housing Finance by improving their disposal Services. The Company with its appropriate credentials proposes to offer a wide array of services to help banks and financial institutions in channelizing resources and realize value out of nonperforming assets (NPAs) locked with them. It aims to become the most influential advisor in this business segment with right/correct information, complete knowledge and its application.

The Company is working with a strong Team of professionals from diverse background such as Administrators, Bankers,Chartered Accountants, Finance Professionals,Lawyers, Valuers, etc., and each one of them brings in rich and valuable experience to the table.  Growing opportunities in this business segment is expected to keep the team challenged, which translates into quick and right results.